"I have been meeting with Linda over the last 3 years and her insight and knowledge have been invaluable for my athletic goals and overall health. I have made great gains with my body composition, weight loss and performance as a runner. She is incredibly knowledgeable on nearly every aspect of nutrition and her passion and enthusiastic attitude show that she loves her job.  Even if you are not an athlete, you will find Linda as a great source of information, committed to helping her clients.  The information that she has given me over the years has changed my life and I enthusiastically recommend her!"


“ I have extensive food allergies that have cropped up in the last 6 years and asked Linda to help me figure out how to eat enough to continue racing and I succeeded!”

--K.P., Ironman Triathlete

"Before my first Ironman, Linda took a thorough look at my daily diet. She identified a couple deficiencies and offered alternatives that got all aspects of my diet back in balance. Linda also helped with my nutrition and hydration during my long training days and helped me get to the finish line on race day. I will continue to utilize her expertise!"
-- Marty Lindgren, Ironman Triathlete

I have known Linda for 29 years as a classmate, co-worker, and friend and have always been in awe of her continued growth through her schooling, working, and raising a family. Throughout the time I have known Linda she has always demonstrated a professional attitude and created a warm and inviting atmosphere around her. She is a confident, knowledgeable, and dedicated person. I know that her skills and continuing knowledge of nutrition have helped numerous individuals live longer, healthier lives.
She is an individual who makes those who are lucky enough to share her time, healthier humans, mentally and physically.
--C. E. Hart

Linda Kees is an energetic professional with a diversity of experience in dealing with nutrition related problems. She has taught in both individual and group settings to both patients and health care professionals, is creative in her approach and teaches to all education levels well. Linda and I worked together for almost five years at Harborview Medical Center where she took care of medical patients whose needs ranged from artificial nutrition support in an intensive care unit setting to diet education for medical therapy of various disease states and conditions including: diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, HIV, weight management, pulmonary, liver, GI and kidney disorders. She also has expertise in nutrition therapy for swallowing problems.   Linda has developed educational materials to help her audiences learn well. She has a wealth of multicultural experience, has worked with people of various literacy and education levels and can tailor her approach in all of these situations. You will enjoy working with her very much.
--A. Lipkin, MSRD, CD, CNSD
Clinical Nutrition
Harborview Medical Centers
Seattle, WA