Eating your Way to Wellness" By Linda J. Kees, R.D., L.D.

This Nutrition Guide will help you in many areas including:

¨ Emotional Eating Test ¨ Healthy Shopping List ¨ Brand name list of which cold Breakfast cereals are the best ¨ Healthy Cookbook recommendations ¨ How many calories do you need and how much can I eat? ¨ Sample Menu ¨ Daily Food & Exercise Log ¨ Healthy Recipes ¨ How to read Food Labels

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Other E-books, coming soon include: Nutrition & Pregnancy, Baby Boomer Nutrition, Vitamin D, Sports Nutrition Recovery Tips, Extreme Sports Nutrition and Your Diet, Your Supplements. Linda J. Kees, R.D., L.D. Contact me at (208) 939-2980 or e-mail me at Linda@ExpertNutritionConsulting.com


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